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(This one is a longy but goody!)

A lot of us grow up learning and reading in the Bible about who Jesus was when He was on earth; what He did for us, and how he treated people. WWJD, right?

Jesus was a visual, human image of God's character and love for us. Kindness, compassion, wisdom, hard-worker, integrity, humility, and so much more. I've always known that Jesus loved me, but I didn't feel like I had a deep connection with who He was/is and what it meant for my life. Lately I've been finding myself more curious about this. I have also been reading books and stories about people who have visited heaven, to dive deeper into who He is. I think I am seeking Him in this way because I have tried everything else and sought answers for my problems in so many other places, that I innately have come to realize it's all empty unless I'm fully embracing that He is the answer. I'm learning what it means to NEED Him. We read and claim that Jesus is the truth and the light, but I think it takes a lifetime to truly know what that means.

I truly believe that there are emotions and character traits that either open doors of good or doors of evil; light or dark. If you look close enough to the patterns of yourself, your loved ones, and people in general you will notice what brings on patterns for the good or patterns for the worse. Every single person is capable of embodying the good-giving character that Jesus embodied, by choosing to dwell (see only) in the negative emotions or choose to keep walking toward something higher and true. It is a daily and constant choice of opening up the doors to light and also preparing yourself to avoid patterns of darkness. It's pretty amazing that God (who says He is LOVE above all else) IS everything that open doors to the light.

Then, there is the title that often follows Jesus' name, “The Savior”. So what does that mean when you're ten? What does it mean now? I can tell you that recently, I've been experiencing, hands-on, what this might mean.

Here's the first part of what “The Savior” means. We are all His children. A good parent loves their child as unconditionally as they can. God is capable of loving 100% unconditionally, and He does. Now, think back to when you were a child and in trouble of some kind. I remember when I was running through the woods to the lake from my house and I fell down and cut my knee open. I yelled and cried so loud for my Dad to come find me and help me. We can also thank my dad for my theatrics. ;) A good father will always be able to rescue you. That's what God does for us. He saves us. (It doesn't always feel like you're being saved, but God's love goes past what the eye can see here on earth. The fact that we can't always feel it or see the saving makes it so much easier to doubt and be confused, but anyone who has chosen to dwell in those emotions of disbelief will tell you that it DOES NOT let the light in. Like I said earlier, there are emotions that let in light or block it. WE NEED THE LIGHT TO LIVE/FLOURISH SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY, AND PHYSICALLY.)

Diving into the saving. Jesus was the visual and image of God's savior-character. When Jesus was persecuted and killed for His innocence and truth on the cross it allowed a shift to happen, where spiritually, no more of God's children would be condemned eternally for their sins (which are inevitable because humanity is innately flawed. This is God's graciousness- Saving Grace).

Most people end up having a testimony at some point in their life. Something that they went through and came out of, on top in the end. They were in the darkness of some kind and were redeemed by the warm sun. Whether they call it Jesus or their power within, that is what God does. That was God's work making sure that another one of His children were shining bright in His light again, whether they knew it or not. As His children, we are given the opportunity to be saved by Him in this life. I don't know one human who hasn't had hardship, so EVERYBODY has the opportunity to experience Jesus like this.

When I go through hard times, confusion is an emotion that I experience. That is NOT from God. I have learned this all too well. He says to make Him our refuge in times of need. He doesn't spin our minds round and round, turning us crazy. That's the devil's type of work. God says to give our problems to Him, because they are not our burden to carry. When Jesus died on the cross, He carried the burdens for everyone, for eternity.

I am in the midst of spiritual salvation, I can feel it. I can feel Him shining His light brighter on my being and I know that is because I'm finally positioning my heart in a way that lets that light in. I'm seeing that it's so important to keep my eyes focused on the light and constantly connect up to him (pray, read about Him, say His name, notice Him and His love in life/nature), because yes, it's God's will and heart for us to shine in His light and thrive, but it's the devil's mission to draw you away from that in every way he can. He says to guard your heart. Connecting up with Him is vital in that.

So..... in the light of Easter, the time of year that reminds us that Jesus lived a life here on earth with us, dies for us so that we could all be deemed free and worthy in His light - let's choose the light. Choose it in your mind, heart, and body, even if your cells and thoughts are telling you otherwise. There is one large truth and that is God's unending love for you and me. Choose what you know instead of how you might feel today. We hold more power in God than we know. 



Jesus Was

Jesus was a sailor, He sailed through all the days, walking on the water by faith. 

Casting out the kind of fear that we all know so well - I would have sailed with Him. 

Jesus was a friend to the ones that no one saw, washing off the dirt and the pain.

Washed away the evidence that demons all dwell in - I would have fallen for Him.

Jesus was a builder, a worker with His hands, setting His mind on foundations high. 

A climber to the highest peak, a speaker to the land- I would have followed Him. 

Jesus is the truth and the light says on the page, but I think it takes a lifetime to know. 

And I think we're the only ones given the chance to know how good it feels to be saved. 

Feeling His grace wash the pain. 

Who can ever know how great you are, who can ever know how great you are?

We are called in the middle of the darkness, 

We are called in the middle of the storm,

We are called in the danger and the death of our bones

to feel the grace of God come down and bring us home. 

Bring us home, bring us home, bring us home, bring us home. 

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