About Me

I've always been a songwriter, a singer, a performer; always felt motivated like nothing could stop me. About 9 years ago, my heart, mind and body took a halt when I could probably list out 20 symptoms I was dealing with; chronic neck pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, skin infections, to name a few. After time, it really wore my spirit down and I walked a dark, unseen road that no one ever plans. I’d always heard about God’s faithfulness, love, and promises for me but through this walk, I have begun to feel convinced. I have to keep singing, writing and SHARING my story like I was born to do... break out of it with my own hands and God's grace. Accepting freedom that’s mine to live in.

I hope to offer you hope and perspective in whatever you may be facing, as I always prayed that my darkest nights would bring light to others someday. If something resonates with you in my music or blog, please share it with someone who needs it. We're all in this together -



Professional Bio:

LA Music Critics claim that Washington State native, Alex Mabey, has arrived as the new voice in folk/Americana music. While independently releasing four albums, and performing around the country for ten years, she has also opened for the likes of Amy Grant, Craig Morgan, Sara Evans and Wynonna Judd. With notes of ghostly cello, haunting, present, and soaring vocals she creates a yearning in her music that can never be fully quenched, but will keep bringing the listener back for more.